Hello world!

Welcome to the one of the greatest professions/hobbies in the world.  Photography can be somethAdilfa Headshot web verting to pass the time, an outlet for your artistic endeavors, a way to record those once in a lifetime family memories, or one of the most rewarding and funnest jobs or businesses you could ever have.  No matter what your interest in photography we are here to help.

Photography for Fun and Profit really started about 15 years ago when I was asked to teach photography to a group at church.  I had so much fun it became an annual event and spread to other groups within the congregation.  About 10 years ago we started teaching workshops to groups of other professional photographers both locally and around the world.  We got to visit a lot of fun places and meet a lot of wonderful people.

The digital revolution has truly changed the world of photography.  Professional quality cameras are more affordable and more available to almost anybody.  Unfortunately not all of the changes have been positive.  A great camera does not make a professional photographer or even a good photographer.  The real art of photography is in the individual, not the camera.  Every year there are more and more “photographers”  competing in the professional market who do not understand this.  Even at the consumer level I have talked to an amazing number of people who don’t know how to get the images off their camera and almost nobody knows how to properly process and print their images.  Photography is becoming more and more a strictly digital medium with images being stored mostly on laptops and in cell phones.  When I was a child the Polaroid camera was very popular for it’s ability to instantly produce viewable images.  Today most of those images have faded and there are no negatives to back them up.  Cell phones and laptops get lost or damaged and the sometimes hundreds or even thousands of images stored on these devices are usually gone with them.

Photography for Fun and Profit was started to address some of these problems.  I love what I do and I love to share what I know with others to use responsibly.  Whether you are an aspiring professional or a parent wanting to get better photos of your children, these classes are designed to help you.  Bring your cameras, take notes, ask lot’s of questions and most of all have fun.

PS.  Yes I know I left the title of this post as “Hello World”.  In addition to being slightly funny and something I have always wanted to do I think it is a very appropriate title as I want to introduce the world to the joys of photography.  Thanks for being here.  Make sure to invite your friends.